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They all sound slightly old-fashioned in these days of social media. But no one knows for sure if that even results in enough extra sales to justify its costs. But we do know one things about distracting, pop-up advertisements: people don't like them. Every day, more and more people install ad-blocking software on their mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

Ad-blocking software blocks those annoying pop-ups that distract you from looking at what you want to. Ad-blocking software is so popular that it's free, and often comes with the device that you buy. If it's not automatically turned on when you first use your new product, it soon will be.

Many web sites have shut down because so many viewers have ad-blocking software, that the website can no longer make any money. Let's face it—many web sites are mostly ads--even the stories labeled sponsored content are ads.

If that way to drive visitors to your web site is not for you, you have few other choices. In fact, only two choices. Pay for search engine ads. Try to get your website's non-paid search results on page one.

That's right, search engine marketing—tried and true. People ask questions in a search engine's search box, the answers come back in a list of web sites with a short text message. Advertisements are always on top, and now on the right side, and at the bottom. To survive and prosper, search engines must run ads. And make a profit from those ads.

Search engine ads are not cheap. Ad words and phrases are auctioned, with top bidder getting the prime space at the top of page one, and the lower bidders following it.

But what about those search results that are not ads, so-called organic search results. Is there a way to get placed at, or near, the top of page one? After all, everyone knows that the click rate of organic search results is more than 68% higher than those for ads.

This is where www.periscopedesign.net comes in. We will make sure that a click-inducing message—one that tells searchers that your website has the answers they seek--is displayed on page one of organic search engine results.

It's that easy. We write the message, and use our proprietary U.S. Patent Pending technology to make sure that it's displayed on page one of organic search results. The cost is a flat rate charged to your account every time a searcher clicks on the message and is sent to your website.




























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